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Chifruda Armchair
Chifruda Armchair
Chifruda Armchair
Chifruda Armchair
Chifruda Armchair


Chifruda Armchair

An armchair, a piece of art

W 123 x D 88 x H 108 (cm)

  • Structure: Peroba do campo wood | natural or stained freijó wood
  • Upholstery: Seat and back covered with natural leather.
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"At the time, I was very interested in showing the quality of the Oca artisans, so I imagined doing something like the leather sewing, with the focus on showing the quality." Resulting on the Aspas chair. The chair would have certain playful details or details that had a distant relationship with style furniture and a certain joke, which was already my passion for the Vikings of having a horn like that. Hence came the name Chifruda. A headrest with that accented shape. What happened is that I made this chair and the staff thought it was very strange, you know? And I find it very enjoyable. At that time, the puritans found that thing a little strange. A lack of taste. I have nothing to do with this, right? Whether they liked it or not was no longer a problem of mine. That was not the intention. Then the exhibition "The furniture as an object of art", in 1962, was a success because it presented heavy names. And that was very nice, and also called attention to the Aspas. Jaime Maurício, who was the master, the art critic who guided us in the exhibitions, made an aside in the newspaper "Correio da Manhã" in which the exhibition stands out. It was an exhibition that had a little bit of a buzz, not as much as I wanted, but enough to be talked about." (Sergio Rodrigues)

Arquive / 1962


Chifruda Armchair
Chifruda Armchair
Chifruda Armchair Chifruda Armchair
Chifruda Armchair