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Xibô Lamp
Xibô Lamp
Xibô Lamp
Xibô Lamp
Xibô Lamp


Xibô Lamp

The light of Xibô

Ø 46 x H 63 (cm)

  • Structure: Base made of natural or stained freijó wood or peroba do campo wood
  • Material: Chrome plated brass rod
  • Lining: Hemp lampshade
Where to find

Xibô was a nickname for Sergio Rodrigues given by his wife, Vera Beatriz, and meant "silly Chinese", because Sergio used to squeeze his eyes when telling jokes. The "Chinese hat" serves as the dome of the Xibô lamp. For the base, Sergio created a sequence of wood veneers and applied his well-known holes. The decentralized mirrors at the bottom of the holes make the hole appear deeper than the luminaire itself.

Xibô Lamp
Xibô Lamp Xibô Lamp
Xibô Lamp