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Cuiabá Armchair
Cuiabá Armchair
Cuiabá Armchair
Cuiabá Armchair
Cuiabá Armchair


Cuiabá Armchair

A simplicidade nunca impediu a graciosidade

W 66 x D 70 x H 72 (cm)

  • Structure: Natural or stained freijó wood
  • Upholstery: Leather or fabric
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When invited to design the interiors of the Hotel Eldorado Cuiabá, in Mato Grosso, Sergio Rodrigues took the opportunity to also create the furniture that would equip the hotel. As the pieces were meant to be produced in the region, which at that time did not have sophisticated cabinets, Sergio created the entire line of seats. From side panels with sections and rounded corners, where the internal pieces made a set of positions to meet the needs of each seat: armchair, table chair, chair with armrests, stools and side tables. The simplicity of the project did not leak in gracefulness of the Master's projects.

Cuiabá Armchair