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Tonico Armchair
Tonico Armchair
Tonico Armchair
Tonico Armchair
Tonico Armchair


Tonico Armchair

The simplicity of comfort

Armchair: W 105 x D 83 x H 103 (cm)

Ottoman: W 86 x D 50 x H 42 (cm)

  • Structure: Natural or stained freijó wood
  • Cushings: Leather or fabric
  • Headrest: Natural leather
  • Ottoman: Leather or fabric
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"Tonico was made in the period of the Chifruda armchair and had similarities with the "Poltrona Mole". It is a piece of furniture that I imagined to be popular, it could be used, for example, in student housing. Many units were sold, mostly for people who had cottages, vacation homes, beach houses and such. It was not only to meet the needs of people with few financial possibilities, but to give simplicity and the maximum comfort that was possible with those drawings. I gave this name in honor of my brother-in-law Tonico, because he fell in love with the chair. He was a person who was not outgoing in taste, and he sat in the chair and said, 'I do not want anything else, just this here, this is beautiful.' That is, he considered beautiful, with aesthetic quality, a chair that is good and comfortable to sit in." (Sergio Rodrigues)

Archive / 1963


Tonico Armchair
Tonico Armchair
Tonico ArmchairTonico Armchair
Tonico Armchair