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Tetê Armchair
Tetê Armchair
Tetê Armchair
Tetê Armchair
Tetê Armchair


Tetê Armchair

A transcendental armchair

W 86 x D 75 x H 70 (cm)

  • Structure: Natural or stained freijó wood
  • Upholstery: Leather or fabric
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A master in transcendental meditation, Sergio Rodrigues's sister, Maria Thereza, marveled at the comfort of the armchair when testing the prototype in 1996 and Sergio baptized the armchair with his sister's nickname. In 2013, Sergio revisited and updated the design and the result was the launch of a comfortable armchair with loose cushions that melt when we sit on them.

Tetê Armchair
Tetê ArmchairTetê Armchair
Tetê Armchair