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Vivi Armchair
Vivi Armchair
Vivi Armchair
Vivi Armchair
Vivi Armchair


Vivi Armchair

Also known as "cat bed"

Armchair: Ø 90 x H 94(cm)

Ottoman: Ø 60 x H 37 (cm)

  • Structure: Natural or stained freijó wood
  • Upholstery: Leather or fabric
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Launched by Oca in 1962 to pay tribute to a carioca personality, Vivi Nabuco. Its round structure is one of the many jokes that Sergio Rodrigues liked to make with the designs of his furniture. It is a relaxed and, above all, supercomfortable piece, in which Sergio's mastery of the forms is very evident. The armchair won the nickname of "Cama de Gato", which reveals another facet of Sergio: the love of animals. Sergio used to say that the animals at home also tested the comfort of his creations.

Archive / 1962


Vivi Armchair
Vivi Armchair
Vivi ArmchairVivi Armchair
Vivi Armchair